I Am Darwin

For Darwin's 200th birthday celebrations this year, record a YouTube clip talking about your work and how Darwin has impacted or influenced what you do. The YouTube clip should conclude with you saying "I am Darwin!"

Explanation Video

Please email me the YouTube links (tom at nobleape dot com) and I will put all the YouTube clips on this site.

Coulter Noah Lewkowitz,
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Kevin Schreck,
Bard College, New York, USA

Roy E. Plotnick,
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Bruce Damer,
Boulder Creek, California, USA

Herve Noel,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Allan Lundell,
Santa Cruz, California, USA

Lee Graham,
Ottawa, Canada

Nick Herbert,
Boulder Creek, California, USA

Gerald de Jong,
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Jeffrey Ventrella,
San Francisco, California, USA

Scott Schafer,
California, USA

John B. Brown, MD,
Idaho, USA

Geraldine Van de Auwera,
Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA

Jacob A Tennessen,
Zoology Dept, Oregon State University, USA

Tom Barbalet,
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA